Voices Of Transformation

See how our fitness programs have transformed lives and ignited a passion for a healthier, stronger future.

Exercise and fitness were always an important part of my lifestyle. During the pandemic, I was able to spend more time in my “home gym” but I didn’t notice any improvements in my physique and so thought I had reached my plateau. I then saw a post about Myra through a friend and reached out – that was in July of 2021.

Being a doctor, I thought I was knowledgable about proper nutrition and exercise. Although I was eating less (even starving myself), and doing exercise routines learned from various sources, I was not hitting my desired goals.

Myra introduced me to wholistic programs that included: how to eat well, have proper nutrition, importance of strengthening individual muscle groups and proper form during exercise, as well as the importance of recovery.

With my busy schedule, I was able to carry on with my fitness training on line. I highly recommend MG Fitness to women who wish to have advanced fitness and who have specific physique goals. Her style of coaching is achievable, sustainable and can be a way of life.

Doc Marie

June 2022

I started training with Myra as her coach in 2021 mainly for weight loss and muscle toning. She encouraged me be on a strict program with proper diet to help regulate my PCOS that’s related to weight gain. It was very hard in the beginning because I work as a gaming streamer and my sleep cycle was inconsistent. It took me at least 6 months to be consistent with the program.

She helped me achieve my target weight that I’ve been maintaining since then. I think every body is different. Each of us have different forms when we lift heavy weights. For example, I recently found out that I cannot do back squats anymore because of my spine issues so instead of doing back squats with Myra’s program, I just do an alternative like hip thrusts. If there’s discomfort just tell her because she will surely modify the program that’s best for you ❤️

Shiela Snow

June 2022

I found Myra the post of my friend on social media and from that, I’m so amazed at how she was able to make her physically fit and strong. At the start of the pandemic, I found out that I have avascular necrosis and was told that either a hip replacement or I won’t be able to walk again. After my surgery and a lot of therapy, it seems like my hips are not strong enough that was the time I knew I needed Myra’s expertise and train me. 

We started on a zoom call to understand what my goals will be and mine was simple, I want my hips to get stronger together with my whole body. I can’t emphasize enough how much grateful I am for her as a client we started our one on one online and 3 months into virtual training I felt significantly stronger than before. Then as soon as the pandemic restrictions opened up again I’m lucky to train with her in person after a year of training one-on-one I’m not just stronger my natural athletic body is showing up my hips are stronger and my glute muscle is way way bigger than before! I’m purely amazed at her patience with me and her dedication to me in achieving my goals is solid because she knew as well that I’m realistic about what I want from her. Unfortunately, another challenge with me arrived as I needed to relocate to Colorado USA, and knowing my personality I can’t train on my own fortunately Myra now has an app for her clients who wants to train remotely and that is what I’m doing right now a partnership of sharing her knowledge and me committing on keeping my body stronger than ever. If you are a person who is serious and wanted to build a strong body and have a healthy holistic body goal I highly recommend Myra every penny is worth it whether it’s in person or virtual.

Carol Lyndsey

June 2022

For a dentist like me that is mostly exposed to a sedentary lifestyle, Coach Myra transformed me in & out. Her program doesn’t only focus on weight loss and quick fix but creates an impact to your lifestyle. Her food intake guidance is sustainable and doesn’t focus on restricted diets. 

Getting her as my coach is one of the best decisions I’ve ever done in my life. Her way of training is not intimidating but she’ll really bring out your full potential and strength. Coach Myra doesn’t only train but creates a family-like relationship with her trainees. Glad to be part of her power women trainees!

Dec Cez

June 2022